hector bellerin, Qatar

Presenting: Edition By Héctor Bellerín

Uncompromising menswear made exclusively from more sustainable materials.

“Live with purpose (to protect our future together).” Eight words to sum up the core message of Edition By Héctor Bellerín — an agenda-pushing collection co-created with the international football player. The same words reappear as a graphic theme throughout the new menswear line, which is set to launch on 18 February.

There’s undoubtedly more to Héctor Bellerín than exceptional speed. The multitalented Spaniard has earned recognition not only for his athletic skills, but for being a fierce advocate for sustainability and social responsibility. Through his creative pursuits, such as photography and painting, he has also proven an artistic vigour that comes through in his forward-thinking fashion choices.

“Héctor has an expert eye for style, in tune with how men are dressing right now,” says Ross Lydon, who’s the head of menswear design at H&M. “It’s a look that’s both sharp and effortless, combining streetwear with utilitarianism, and always with a sense of ease and positivity.”

hector bellerin, Qatar

When initially invited to be a part of the Edition project, Bellerín set a firm ultimatum: that the entire collection had to be made from more sustainable materials. H&M’s reply: challenge accepted. The footballer then worked in close collaboration with the men’s design team through all creative stages, giving his input on everything from the look and attitude of the collection to colours, silhouettes, graphics, and styling; always guided by his commitment to sustainability.

“Héctor Bellerín is a leader of the generation that’s redefining men’s style and advocating for positive change,” says Ross Lydon. “Everyone at H&M is so happy to collaborate with him to create Edition By Héctor Bellerín — a true sustainable collection for men.”

hector bellerin, Qatar

The new spring line is consequently made exclusively from more sustainable materials, down to the very linings and trimmings. Cottons are either organic or recycled from textile production waste; nylons and polyesters are 100% recycled; and man-made fabrics like Ecovero viscose and Tencel lyocell are created from sustainably sourced cellulose fibres.

“Making this collection as sustainable as possible was important, because to me there can be no other way,” explains Bellerín. “We should not put our creative freedom or greed first when there are many other ways — even though they might be more difficult or expensive to achieve — that enable us to create the same product. This collection proves that you can make beautiful and meaningful pieces from recycled yarns and materials that have been worn before.”

He describes the new fashion as a very relaxed, genderless and neutral mix of colours and fits that can complement anyone’s wardrobe. Silhouettes are oversized with dropped shoulders and wide-cut trouser legs, making even the more formal pieces seem laid-back and casual. Comfort is another key element to Héctor Bellerín’s distinct personal style, which is why everything in the collection has a loose, unrestrictive fit.

hector bellerin, Qatar

A lightweight parka has a hidden hood and the functional detailing of a contemporary outerwear essential. A greyish anorak comes with matching zip-off cargo trousers that can quickly be turned into shorts. Following the set-dressing theme, there’s also a boxy, unconstructed cotton blazer with matching wide-leg trousers in beige, a light grey denim jacket and jeans combo, and a fluid navy lyocell overshirt with similarly effortless joggers.

The colour palette is made up of enhanced neutrals in muted earth tones, including khaki, concrete grey, sage, amber, and sun yellow. You’ll also find traditional pinstripes on a crisp cotton poplin shirt, and the accessories — a tote bag, bucket hat and cap — come in a classic check pattern. Sweatshirts, hoodies and tees feature the collection’s graphic print, serving as a reminder to live life more purposefully, and consciously.

hector bellerin, Qatar

When asked what he’s most happy about with the collaboration, Bellerín replies: “It’s the acceptance of the challenge I had proposed, and the willingness to be better. I enjoyed thoroughly the creative freedom the H&M team gave me; but the honesty and transparency from day one, and the promise of a better future, is what ultimately pushed me to create this collection.”

Edition By Héctor Bellerín will be available at hm.com and in selected stores on 18 February.