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Upgrade Your Look with Women’s Trousers From H&M

Dive into our collection of women’s trousers where you’re guaranteed to make a statement with your style.

Your Choice of Pants or Trousers

Experiment with your style and choose from the laid-back vibes of pants or the elegantly tailored trousers that match any mood.

Look Trendy in Our Parachute Pants

Parachute pants are back in style! These flowy and stylish bottoms are perfect if you’re going on an adventure, having a casual day out or just hitting the dance floor, they’re comfortable and practical.

Office Attire: Wide Leg Trousers

Check out H&M’s selection of wide-leg trousers, ideal for the office or a night out. They exude style and sophistication. You can also pair them with our unique blazers; discover the different cuts and colors available and create any ensemble you desire!

Wide Leg Pants: Flare Fun

Wide-leg pants are back in style and we’re here to help you rock this trend. We have a variety of options to help you choose, from boho chic to classy cuts, we have something to cater to all tastes.

Linen Pantsuits: Timeless Elegance

H&M offers linen pantsuits that are effortlessly elegant. These sets are crisp and breezy, perfect for the hot summer days when you want to look stylish but feel comfortable.

Channel The ‘80s with H&M’s Flare Pants

Get a glimpse of the ‘80s style with our unique collection of flared pants. These retro pants will add the element of nostalgia to your closet, making them an essential piece.
H&M loves to see you get creative with your style and that’s why our trousers are carefully designed to help you achieve any look desired. Whether it’s linen pantsuits, wide-leg trousers, or flared pants, we have it all! Discover our wide range today and elevate your style.