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Bedroom Bedding and Styling 101

Creating an eye-catching, stylish, and comfortable bedroom starts with choosing the right bedding for you, not only because bedding provides warmth and a good night's sleep, but also because it contributes to the overall aesthetic of your sleeping space, now, let's expand on every bedding piece that could enhance your space. A coverlet is a lightweight bedspread that adds a touch of elegance to your bed, it’s perfect for layering during winter and cold weather, and it can be used as a decoration during warm weather, choose a coverlet that complements your bedroom decor and style. Now let's move to an essential piece to any bedroom, blankets! they provide warmth and comfort during chilly nights, especially wool or fleece blankets. For a lighter option, opt for cotton or microfiber blankets, also consider bed size and room style when getting your new blanket.
Bed sheets are essential for a good night's sleep, they are the closest layer to your skin, and that’s why there are a few elements to consider such as material, thread count, and weave when shopping for bed sheets. Cotton sheets are breathable and suitable for all-year use, and linen sheets are durable and wick moisture, choose according to your needs. Quilts are handcrafted pieces that bring a touch of nostalgia to your bedroom, they are perfect for cold months, look for quilts that are made from natural material like cotton or wool as they offer breathability and insulation, consider color, size, and your personal preferences when choosing your new quilt.

Duvets and Duvet Covers: Two beans in a pod

Duvets are soft and fluffy comforters that are filled with synthetic fibers or natural materials like down, feathers, or wool. They provide exceptional insulation and are an excellent choice on chilly, stormy nights. A complementary piece to duvets is duvet covers, they are playing a dual role in protecting your duvet and enhancing your room decor, choose duvet covers that are easy to use, remove, and wash, which will help in keeping your duvet for years to come.
Selecting the right bedding not only will enhance your room decor, but it will also enhance your mood! Always, choose what you feel good about, and what meets your needs.