Maternity Wear

Satisfy your fashion-forward style with a wide selection of women's dresses

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for any occasion, a dress is a classic and timeless option. H&M offers a wide selection of dresses for women which satisfy your fashion-forward style and suites every occasion, from hanging out with friends to formal events.

let's start with the basics!

The shirt dress is perfect for casual events because it's a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Pair it with sneakers for a daytime casual look, or with a high heel for a formal event.

Breathtaking dresses

For those ladies who want a breathtaking look, choose a mini or midi dress. H&M offers a large selection of mini and midi dresses, from solid colors and cute prints to animal prints and show-off cuts. You can't go wrong with black dresses; they are suitable for any occasion especially a night out with friends. For a more elegant option, choose one of our evening dresses which come in lots of styles, from long flowy to short cocktail dresses you will find what will catch your eye. When choosing an evening dress, consider the event you are going to, wear a long dress in formal settings, and choose a short one for a modern look with a bold print or neon color.

Semi formal dresses for everything in between

For something between formal and casual choose a semi formal dress. It's perfect for weddings or cocktail parties, and it comes with lace or beading details for an elegant look.
Your collection of dresses wouldn't be complete without a night dress. It’s perfect for a date night or a night out with friends, and it comes with ruffles or sequins to add a playful touch.
Maternity Wear

Welcome to H&M’s women’s maternity wear collection,

Comfort and style provide the needed support for expecting and nursing mothers. Embrace this beautiful journey of entering motherhood with our carefully designed maternity clothes.
With our range of maternity bras and nursing bras, comfort is guaranteed. Made from stretchy and soft fabrics, these bras adapt to your changing body providing you with the perfect fit and comfort throughout your pregnancy.
Explore our selection of nursing dresses that are both convenient and stylish
Featuring subtle openings and wrap designs, breastfeeding is made hassle free and discreet. These dresses also help you flaunt your femininity and effortless elegance.
You can pair our nursing dresses with our comfortable nursing lingerie and tops. These pieces are functional as they provide easy breastfeeding access, as well as style – combining both fashion and convenience.
Our diverse range of nursing dresses, tops, and lingerie will make your breastfeeding journey as smooth as a breeze! Go ahead and find your favorite pieces that will support your everyday needs.
Let’s not forget our breastfeeding dresses, they provide easy nursing access and are designed to adjust to your changing body shape – helping you stay chic and comfortable! They’re also great for daily outings or special occasions.
Experience the perfect combination of style and comfort with our maternity trousers. From stretchy leggings to refined trousers, we assure you’ll find the perfect pair to suit your style!
Stay comfortable with our maternity lingerie, crafted with breathable fabrics to provide you with maximum support and help you stay confident in this special time.
H&M understands the importance of feeling confident during pregnancy and beyond. That’s why our maternity collection is created to celebrate this in a way that makes this transformative time very smooth – offering stylish and practical clothes that fit your changing body.