From casual denim shorts to sporty cycling shorts

Discover H&M’s latest trends in men’s shorts – where functionality and style meet. We have the perfect pair to suit every occasion.
You can stay cool in our men’s shorts collection during the warmer months. You have a range of options to choose from, including classic denim shorts that go well with any outfit. If you’re looking for a more laid-back look, cargo shorts have extra pocket space and a casual fit to support you on your outdoor adventures.
Are you planning a beach day? H&M’s swimming shorts are designed using fabrics that dry quickly and have fun prints, making your day in the sun perfect. You can also pair them with t-shirts and tank tops from our diverse collection to create the ultimate beach look.
As for smart-casual looks, our men’s polo shorts are a staple. Not only do they offer a sophisticated style, but they provide you with comfort throughout the day. They can be paired with classic button-up shirts or with a polo shirt that matches perfectly.
For a sporty look, explore our cycling shorts collection. These fitted shorts provide excellent flexibility and support in your workouts, ensuring you have efficient training.
Adding to our diverse range of shorts, you can also find boxer shorts for daily comfort. Crafted with soft breathable fabrics, these shorts provide a cozy fit making them easy to wear every day.
For chill outings, you can also opt for our jeans shorts or sweatshirt shorts. Jeans shorts can be in your closet for a long time without going out of style, and our sweatshirt shorts are guaranteed to help you stay comfortable no matter the event.
H&M understands the importance of having the right pair of shorts for every occasion - that’s why every fit is carefully designed to help you embrace your style and stay comfortable.